Why choose pleated blinds for windows

Why choose pleated blinds for the windows

What do you have in front of windows hang? Curtains, blinds, maybe nothing at all or maybe you just want something completely different. There are plenty of reasons to choose pleated window blinds. Wonder which ones they are?

In this article I put everything together!

Pleated blinds for the windows

It is not surprising that many people choose pleated blinds for the windows. The pleated fabric gives the curtains an elegant look, yet they remain blinds that are placed tightly in or on the window. There are many reasons to choose pleated blinds.

And these advantages are covered in this article today, so if you are still looking for curtains for the windows in your home, this article can help you make a choice.

The ideal sun protection

With curtains, you want to create the privacy you need. If you go for fabric, but want a tight window covering, there are two solutions. A roller blind that runs tight against the window and rolls up when not in use.

Another form is a folded, pleated fabric that folds up like a harmonica. The fabric is available in a transparent or blackout fabric which also makes it great for sun protection.

Top down or top down bottom up?

There are two ways to operate pleated blinds. Manually with a cord or handle or electrically. The simplest system is the top-down operation. The curtain can only move from top to bottom, just like a normal roller blind.

However, most people opt for a top-down bottom up system. Since you can operate the curtain from two sides, the curtain can be placed in the center of the window. If the curtain is placed at eye level, adequate privacy is provided.

One cannot easily see through the windows from outside.

Choose custom-made pleated blinds

The big advantage of the curtain is the flexibility. With the curtain you can cover the window in different ways. It is possible because the curtain can be operated from above and below.

The most comfortable is the operation with handles. When installing, it is important that the curtain fits exactly. It is therefore advisable to choose custom sizes rather than standard sizes, where you have to shorten the curtain yourself.

Although made-to-measure pleated blinds are more expensive, you are guaranteed a perfect fit for your windows.

An insulating effect

Depending on the choice of fabric, the curtain has an excellent insulating effect. In summer it works as an indoor sunshade and in winter it keeps the heat in the house. If you choose Duette curtains, the insulating effect is greater. Duette curtains have two layers of fabric instead of one.

The double fabric creates a kind of air space which provides good insulation.

A beautiful window decoration

Whatever you choose for your windows, there are good reasons to choose pleated blinds. Plissé blinds are a nice window decoration that doesn't take up much space. When closed, the pleated curtains are fully extended and cover the entire window.

Definitely worth considering, should you be looking for something new for the windows.