What positive contribution can green-lipped mussel make to your health

What positive contribution can green-lipped mussel make to your health?

Have you ever heard of green-lipped mussels? It is a mussel that is becoming more and more known in the Netherlands. And not for eating, green-lipped mussel is used as a natural source of medicine.

The mollusk has many health benefits!

What is it exactly?

What is green-lipped mussel? Green-lipped mussel is a mussel grown in New Zealand. It’s officially a mollusk that falls under the shellfish species.

The Latin name for the mollusk is Perna Canaliculus. The mussel is green in color and a lot larger than normal mussels we are used to in the Netherlands. In addition, this mussel lives and grows only heavenly, pure waters.

The demand for this mussel is increasing, it is an important export product of New Zealand.

What are the benefits to your health?

Green-lipped mussel can be used in different ways. First, clarify the health benefits that using it can have for your health. Green-lipped mussel naturally contains Omega 3 fatty acids, furan fatty acids and glycosamine glycans.

As a result, it inhibits inflammation, combats premature aging, is good for the respiratory tract, provides building materials for cartilage, improves heart and brain function and finally, it contains many vitamins and minerals. Green-lipped mussel ingredients are also good for joints. People who suffer from a form of rheumatism, osteoarthritis for example (inflammation in joints due to cartilage wear), can benefit from this.

Liquid, powder/capsule or extract?

Green-lipped mussel extract means that only a few percent of the actual product is incorporated into the final product. As a result, you pay less money for the product, but the ultimate health benefits will also be less because of this. Less good for your health.

For your health

Most products containing green-lipped mussel consist of powder and are sold in capsule form. To create green-lipped mussel powder, it is processed using heating. Because of this, experts believe that liquid green-lipped mussel is the best finished product.

Using it in liquid form preserves all the components of the mussel and thus gives you the most nutrients.

You quickly think of something else

You quickly think of the word mussel as something completely different, never knew the green-lipped mussel could be so good for your health. With my knee problems (cartilage wear) I think this is also smart for me to just give it a try.