Why L’Oréal clay masks are highly recommended

Why the clay masks of L’Oréal are highly recommended

Recently I commented on a blog article about facial masks. I noticed that there are so many reviews online about this these days. Since I really never use these, I was made curious by all these reviews.

Then came the question if I wanted to try a Mini-kit of L’Oréal clay masks. Of course, because now and then I also want to be able to talk about (clay) masks.

Little makeup

When I was about fifteen years old I experimented a lot with makeup. Especially blue eyeshadow was very trendy back then – I am talking about the end of the ’80s-. The older I got, the less makeup I used. I do use a bit of mascara and eye pencil every day. That's about it.

Still, I have a resolution to start using eye shadow a bit more. I always like this, so why don't I use it more??

The first face masks

Back in the days when I used more makeup, I used to try masks as well. My sister lived in Amsterdam and when I came over on the weekends we would have girls' nights out. With wine, chocolate and masks.

Of course, this was always great fun and I remember that my skin always felt fresh and soft after such a mask.

Budgetella test

So when the question came from budgetella.nl -a lifestyle and savings blog- whether I wanted to test L’Oréal's clay masks along with four other bloggers, I was immediately excited. I received the Multi-Masking Mini Kit with three clay masks from L’Oréal. The red mask with red algae cleanses.

The black coal mask detoxes and the green clay mask with eucalyptus purifies the skin. L’Oréal does not come with a Multi-masking kit for nothing. Finally, your face has different zones and using the right clay masks on the different parts of your face will give you a clean and radiant skin.

clay masks L

So let's test it out

(Clay) masks have been popular for a while now. I regularly read reviews about them and noticed that there are many different masks, both in product, and in price range. Clay masks like this one from L’Oréal, are so popular because of their purifying effect.

The red clay mask is for the oily areas on your face that need to be played with, the green clay mask purifies dull areas and the black clay mask provides a detox for the remaining areas. By using the three different masks at the same time you can play with the areas on your face. So you can apply red on your forehead and chin, black on your nose and green on your cheeks.

You can vary the combinations until you find a match for your skin. In just 15 minutes they promise glowing skin. On the packaging you can see suggestions, which combination may work well for you.

I chose the Eucalyptus on my forehead and nose. The black mask that has a detoxifying effect on my chin and the red algae on my cheeks. Applying the clay mask is easy as the texture is firm, so it doesn't drip off your face. The mask felt good, didn't burn and didn't get very hard.

This only clay mask that I felt slightly pulled on my skin, but was not bothersome, was the black mask. After ten minutes I easily removed the mask with lukewarm water. After using it, my skin felt very soft.

clay masks L

you can see the difference in texture of the different masks ( and now hope no one is at the door)

The benefits of these clay masks from L’Oréal

  • The mask is firm, so it doesn't drip off your face and you can't mess with it.
  • The clay mask did not burn on my skin.
  • It feels good, the black mask pulls slightly, but not annoyingly.
  • Easy to remove with lukewarm water or damp cloth.
  • You can make your own combinations and see which one you like best.
  • After one use my skin glows and feels soft.

This Multi-Masking set from L’Oréal which contains 3x 10 ml clay mask, you can buy for about €3,00- €5.00 ( prices run quite a bit from one online). A 50ml clay mask, costs €9.13 at Douglas

Do you use (clay) masks? And which one do you choose?