Why use growing trays with a vegetable garden

Why use grow boxes with a vegetable garden

If you have a vegetable garden or want to start one, you may be familiar with growing trays. Seed trays you grow seeds in on the windowsill. For me this is all completely new. And that’s why I’m taking you through my adventure called starting a vegetable garden.

In the near future you will be able to read more articles here about the vegetable garden, products you can use and my updates.

Starting a vegetable garden

Last fall I decided I wanted to start a vegetable garden. Whereas I didn’t have a green thumb before, I’m getting better at keeping plants alive in the house. Adding to that our garden full of flowers, I thought it was time to start a vegetable garden.

Make room for a vegetable garden

First, a piece of garden was cleared – of which I still have slight doubts whether this place gets enough sunlight, but there may be an update on that in a later time- and I thought I was done. I read about precultivation, but thought it was definitely not necessary. Until my birthday, when I was treated to several containers and seed pots. I didn’t know what I saw.

This was really totally unknown territory for me.

Window sill planters

I was also given bags of seeds that can go straight into the ground, it clearly states when you can sow them. There was no date on the containers. So I decided to start right away.

Well I received two packages: A growing tray with vegetables (arugula, cucumber, radishes and cherry tomatoes) and a tray with seed pots of herbs.

Seeds in grow box windowsill home collection kitchen herbs

Growing in the containers

This was at the beginning of March. I read in the gardening books that you can put the plants in the garden from April approximately (if it stops freezing). My containers are in the windowsill and on nice sunny days I put them outside in the sun for a while.

When I saw how quickly the seeds were sprouting in my containers, I was a bit shocked, but in the meantime decided to just leave them on the windowsill and see what happens.

Pricking out plants

When the plants (especially the cucumber came up quickly) got bigger, I read up on what to do. The goal was to prick out the plants. Or putting them in bigger bins. I’ve put them in pots where they get more room to grow, also I can water them from below now, that should be better for the roots.

In April, May I hope to put everything in the ground.

pricking out plants to give them more room to grow

Why use a grow box

The purpose of a propagator is to let the plants grow in the window sill and I must say that it is great fun to already be busy with my vegetable garden and I continue to be amazed every day about the growth of the plants.

A windowsill full of bins

I really recommend starting with grow boxes. Not only because this is good for the vegetable plants to give them a good start, it is also incredibly fun to watch them grow on your windowsill. The first plants have been transplanted and I can’t wait to put them in the ground outside.

Now there is really a very large amount of grow boxes. In case you are looking for something yourself now: Look here for a collection