What made me happy 19

What made me happy 19

It is Sunday already. Only 47 days until Christmas. I think it goes so ridiculously fast. In less than a week Sinterklaas will be here again. But anyway, I'm not thinking about that right now.

Today I will first share what made me happy this past week. With this time new shoes, rockets and Manuel Broekman. Read along?

What made me happy

1.Last week I went another morning to Avonturia de Vogelkelder. That remains a nice outing. A pet store and zoo in one. Together with the little man we ate a sandwich in the restaurant next to the frogs. And that's cool of me.

In fact, I developed a frog phobia years ago after the frogs jumped out of our toilet and shower drain. Ok, this was in a little hotel in the Amazon (Brazil) but it really wasn't funny.
2. At the baby shower of the youngest we received a lot of gift cards. So I bought a new set for the little girl this week. I love the Z8 brand so I was happy!
3.Baby feet! I don't need to explain that?

that made me happy

4. We baked cookies. Bittersweet, mega unhealthy cookies. And they are delicious! We had two trays full, oops.

There is little left of that now.
5. I made rockets for the toddler's back. Mister flies around the house with a lot of noise so a few rockets could not be missed. Super cool he thinks they are.
6. I got to go under the needle again! Bzzzz… I love it! I got a poppy for my youngest child.

I am very happy about it.

what made me happy

7. Manuel Broekman with baby on his belly. Ok, it's probably a doll but a carrying Manuel Broekman, that makes me very happy anyway.
8. I bought very small Toms for my little girl. Super soft and I also support a good cause with it. For every pair of Toms sold, the manufacturer gives one pair of shoes to children and adults in need.

Nice initiative?9. I was driving to the barn yesterday and my car just read 18 degrees. Bizarre for this time of year?

It made me happy myself.
10. Saturday was a tough day but I was very happy when I could plop down on the couch in the evening with a glass of wine.

What made you happy? Let me know in a comment.

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