Vintage photos’s in color or black and white buy at Poster Store

Buy vintage photos in color or black and white at Poster Store

Are you looking for posters for your home, do you want a photo wall in the bedroom or a photo wall in the nursery?? Buy these at Poster Store. Not only do you find an incredibly large collection of posters.

You can easily search by theme, like I did for vintage photos’s. Take a look!

Photos from Poster Store

I am a big fan of the posters from Poster Store. And that is why I always come back here, when I want a new photo wall full of posters in the house. Why these posters from Poster Store? Not only are they beautiful in color, you can choose from different sizes, which gives a photo wall a playful effect. But there is also a large choice of frames and different themes they work with on the site.

These themes’s are so easy, so you can selectively search for the posters you want. You have a theme with nature posters, texts, etc & quotes, animals. Or as I was looking for vintage photos this time.

Find the posters of your choice

Another thing I love about this site is the examples they show for a photo wall. If you click on the poster of your choice, you will immediately see how you can combine it with other posters in different sizes. Here you get so much inspiration from. Also, the site is designed so that you see posters next to each other in a perfect color match. So I once ordered 3 photos’s in the stairwell to the second floor, these photos’ve all green tones in the picture, so they form a whole.

I have now also succeeded with my vintage photo’s. I chose three pictures’s in the same idea and color scheme. This unity gives peace in the house.

Peace and space in your home

In our house we have quite large furniture and especially on the sideboard we must be careful not to put too much stuff here. There were also different photos in a lot of colors. This gave so much pressure and agitation. That’s why I searched for new posters at Poster Store. I wanted calm photos that would match in color and style.

Of course I love the bohemian style. I love travel and adventure. And from vintage.

That is why I searched for new photos on this theme.

Vintage photos

The previous times I ordered posters from Poster Store I deliberately looked at nature themed posters, these hang in the living room where I made a whole photo wall. I also have a photo wall in the bedroom, but here again I deliberately chose posters with the theme of cities. And so this time the vintage theme.

I found three vintage photos’that totally match in style and photo story and also represent that adventure.

Even more choices

So now I have more posters from Poster Store. In the living room, stairwell and bedroom. Here I was looking for some vintage photos with.

The woman on the balcony in Paris fits perfectly in the bedroom, the coffee poster is in the kitchen. And the ‘I need more shoes’ poster, which understandably hangs in the hallway.

bedroom kitchen hall

Beautiful robust frames

I have deliberately chosen the same frames for all posters. This also allows me to rotate the photo’s and hang them in different places in the house. Super easy and fun to be playful with the photo walls.

color or black and white Vintage photo

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Create your own photo wall

It is no secret that I love the posters of Poster Store and I am therefore very happy to give away a discount code. Just to let others know about these beautiful photos too’s. I am again super happy with the vintage photos’s that give my living room a whole new look.