What made me happy 20

What made me happy 20

After the tragic events of last Friday night in Paris, it feels crazy to write a blog about the things that made me happy. It became clear again what hate and misery there is in the world. The whole world is on fire and how sad it is.

Maybe just a reason to reflect on some more positive things. Take a look at my summary?

What made me happy

1.Last Sunday we were invited to the Gameshow. How much we enjoyed ourselves there. Never thought I would like it so much.

The little man played to his heart's content with all the cool games we came across.
2. A quiet evening of blogging with some wine. Relax when reading other blogs, responding to comments and of course working ahead a bit myself.
3. Tuesday one of my lovely girlfriends came to play. Her mommy had to work so this lady could come and play with my little man. The kids made a mask and I enjoyed the fun they had together.

what made me happy

4. My father-in-law made a cupboard in the attic. I am super happy about that because it was such a mess there. I took some measurements and bought some nice bins to store all the junk in.

Very nice.
5. We did a lot of baking this past week. We made cookies, cupcakes and banana cakes. Yummie!
6. I finally took the long awaited picture of my Saddle Jewel on my saddle. Very happy about it, now my horse and I shine even harder.

what made me happy

7. I always find it such’s a predicament to cram such a small baby’s into a much too tight jacket. The little lady also doesn't appreciate it at all when I have to pull on her arms to get that thing on. So I was very happy when I found this warm poncho for her.

Size 62/68 and it can go right over her head. Ideal. She is almost always in the sling so I am very happy about this.
8. My animals are very happy with the bouncer of the little girl. They are not really allowed in here but of course they do it anyway. After I first took out Blazer (Chihuahua) fat Brittendame Daisy took the seat.

She looked pretty triumphant too.
9. Finally! Sinterklaas is in the country. Secretly I think this is the best party of the year so we enjoyed the entry.
10. The little girl is now 2,5 months old and sleeps until 7 in the morning. Enjoy!

What made you happy this week?

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