What can you do with a towel?

What you can do with a towel?

Of course, a towel is not a special item. Yet you can do much more with such’an ordinary article than you think. Especially when we talk about children!

Because besides drying off, you can also use it as a warmer, as a rug on the floor and so on. Here are some great tips on towels!

Dry-off party

Drying your child after bathing or swimming is obviously the first function of the towel. But it will be much more fun if you choose a cheerful one.

Lkeep warm

Wrap a nice big towel around your child when they are running around naked or just in the pool. There are some really cute ones that are really meant to be a cape. But you can also just make them yourself! Choose a large towel and cut a hole in it for the head, just stitch it up and you’re done!

Are you very handy? Then you can also make a hood on it!

Just for your interior

Okay, this again has nothing to do with children, but is very nice for your bathroom! Choose nice colors and put them in nice piles in sight. The towel-discounter has a lot of different towels.

Do you choose for soft shades or bright colors? This is also a very simple and inexpensive way to change the mood of your bathroom!

As a rug

Yes, of course we splash around in the bath or shower. And then we get to stand with our bare feet on the cold tiles… Of course not! In the absence of a bath mat, you can also choose a towel.

Actually just as simple and easy to wash!


Or we can use these soft towels as craft materials! With a washcloth you can make nice puppets. But of course you can also do that with larger ones, like towels. You might have to work a little harder because the shape is not as good as a washcloth.

But cut out the desired size, a hole for the finger in the middle and you are actually also already done. Then tie the sides with string, which will look like a belt. Let’s decorate it with fabric markers or felt.

And of course you draw the face on your finger.


Towels can also be used as dressing-up material. A white one serves as a ghost, but a large brown sheet is fine to use as a shepherd’s cape at a Christmas play. Let your imagination run wild! A cape is simply tied at the top with string.

A ghost rug is just a matter of throwing the bath sheet over your child. Or cut a hole in the middle for the head and you have a nice ’sweater’ or even a dress for your child! For many plays you can get something beautiful done in a simple way this way!

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