What made me happy

What made me happy 11

The last day of the weekend already. How fast it always goes. Meanwhile I am feeling a little better and I can do more activities. We have had some great days so we have been outside a lot.

Time for the weekly overview of the things that made me happy. This time with balls, frogs and a real rubber band battle.

1. As you could read in my post of last Wednesday I wear the little one a lot. In a very nice Yaro sling she goes everywhere with us. Tummy cramp-technical she gets very quiet from this and so does mommy. Last week she went for a walk in the woods.

Cap and go.
2. We enjoyed a sunny day. The little man was messing around with his mud kitchen and the ladies were lying in the sun. Lovely.
3. With my tongue on m’n knees and a considerable need for an oxygen tank, I went for a lap behind the toddler through Ballorig. The famous chalk paradise with ball pit. Luckily daddy was along because I gave up pretty fast.

It was nice to do something with the men again.

that made me happy

4. The little man got to play at grandpa and grandma's again. The night before I got a message that grandma had been building for hours. The whole table was already full of Lego Fabuland.

Nostalgia! The toddler enjoyed playing with this.
5. Both kids went with daddy to the playground. Mom got to sleep for a few hours. That makes me feel better.
6. Once again we went out with the Ditch Bingo. We caught a bucket full of frogs. Highlight was a gigantic water beetle.

This one, however, wanted to devour a frog in the bucket right away. Mr. water beetle was put in a separate bucket to avoid corpses. Of course all animals were released.

that made me happy

7. This week we often went into the woods and I took some nice pictures.
8. Yes, we had a battle of rubber bands. This mom had copied a shooting technique from her little brother. With a supply of rubber bands we had a real battle.

Especially dad had to suffer. We had so much fun.
9. I received the pictures of the newborn-shoot that Let’s Photograph did for us. Super cool! How proud I am of our children.
10. Right now the men are having a nice bubble in the jacuzzi. This way mommy can have a good time at work while the men have the greatest fun. I love it?

What were your best moments this week? I am curious!

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