What made me happy 16

What made me happy 16

What a nice weekend. We are tidying up the house. Everything nice and chill and not too crowded.

This past week I also had several moments that made me happy. My little man was beaming on the tractor, we made a mess with paint and I received some nice items. Are you curious what else I enjoyed??

What made me happy

1. Last Sunday we went to the Big Unmissable Hague Children's Book Festival. What a lot to do here. We enjoyed shows, crafted a pop-up book and looked at critters.

All about the Weird but True theme. Super day. 2. Monday we went to visit my parents in Brabant.

Little man always enjoys a few hours at the farm so that's where we went. Normally the milking robot is a favorite but this time he also got to ride the tractor. He thought it was super cool.
3. I received a very nice atlas to review this week. It worked. We have had this book open many times now and fantasize about our next big trip.

which made me happy

4. In the woods we were always followed by a couple of swans. I guess they thought we had bread with us. Unfortunately.

It was very funny to see the swans visiting us again and again.
5. I hugged very hard with my youngest Brit. Handsome Olivier is already half a year old. What a nice animal it is.
6. We tinkered a lot. This always resulted in a huge mess. The paint wasn't behind our ears.

But we certainly had fun.

what made me happy

7. I bought a very cool gold saddle pad months ago. This week I finally drove it. It is very bling-bling but looks very cool.
8. Little man wanted to take a shower with an umbrella. Pretty effective that was but he thought it was super funny. Eventually he got a bit chilly so we folded the umbrella for a while.
9. I received a very nice jewelry set. You can read more about this next week.
10. If you are reading this we are having breakfast at the Water Garden. Yummie.

What made you happy this week?

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