How was your week?

How was your week?

So, I am pretty demolished. We had a quiet week but yesterday my little man suddenly got sick. The poor guy had a huge fever and nothing was staying inside. That always kills it. Furthermore, this week we had a lot of fun with face painting and I went out again one evening To the Heineken Music Hall.

Take another look at the things that made me happy?

What made me happy 37

The week started with great weather. So we have been in the woods a lot. Above you see a search picture because my little man was hiding.

So funny how children hide.

Tuesday the girlfriend of my eldest came to play again. For three years a couple of ducks have been flying in regularly. They land in a pond and float around for a bit. Sometimes they even stand in front of the window.

The children were allowed to give bread to the ducks and of course they liked that even more because it was in the garden.

The husband had ordered something and it was delivered in a big box. To the great satisfaction of British Shorthair Olivier. It just stayed in the box.

that made me happy 37

On Wednesday the little man always plays at grandpa and grandma's house. When I took him away I had to laugh because grandma had done her best to find the lego together. The whole shelf was full of construction work.

My little man thought that was pretty cool of course.

I went to Brabant again with the children. In the afternoon the eldest enjoyed himself with my brother and I went for a walk with the little girl. Sniffing the polders together. I love it.

We bought a box of face paint and of course I was the victim. I was glad I put a layer of Nivea under it because otherwise I would have been a smurf by now.

which made me happy 37

The animals enjoyed the spring weather as well. The chickens were scurrying around and the bunnies were enjoying the warmth. I always think it looks so cozy.

And then my little guy was sick. High fever and vomiting. The husband and I rotated places to hold his hand all the time.

Hopefully he recovers quickly.

Last night I went to the Heineken Music Hall with my sister. Nielson played his big concert there with many guest appearances. Very cool.

How was your week? What made you happy?

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