What were your highlights?

What were your highlights?

What a nice week. The sun was shining, we received nice invitations and we have been outside a lot. So enjoying.

We also did crafts and I went back to my horse again. This week a varied overview of the ten things that made me happy.

What made me happy

1. Last weekend my sister stayed overnight. That was great fun. ’In the evening I downloaded a karaoke app on my Iphone. Too funny.

We sang mega out of tune with the latest hits and recorded it too. After singing you can add effects and in theory you can then upload it. We didn't do the latter because the recordings were not exactly good for your ears.

We did have a big laugh.
2. I scored a Little Pony for our little girl. I had already seen them at the chemist's and now I also saw them at Action. A little bit of childhood sentiment because the little girl herself has nothing on it yet.
3. Wednesday Bblogt was invited to the Children's Book Festival of Bol.com,. A nice afternoon out and about with my little man. What a pleasure that was!

that made me happy

4. On facebook I found a great picture. The farrier of a facebook friend who, in nothing disguising outfit, was trimming the horses. I did not come to anymore.

I can't see my own farrier coming to the barn like this yet.
5. Little Olivier was happy with a game on the Ipad. So funny to see. Although he was a bit lazy.

He followed the mouse over the screen and only when he was very close did he hit the screen with his paw.
6. I am building up my horse again. First a few days of just grooming and next Tuesday I will finally go out again! My dear co-driver will get some more rest haha.

that made me happy

7. Yesterday we were invited to an exclusive preview of Meccanoid. An intelligent robot from Meccano. We had a very nice afternoon.

I myself became secretly very happy with the Zoomer Dino, what a cool thing. You will see more of this on Bblogt next week.nl
8. Today we went to the Picture Book Festival. We enjoyed two performances. Very cozy.
9. Animal Day today! Every day is Animal Day but today we gave all the animals an extra hug.
10. The fact that I can climb on my horse again in two nights makes me very happy! After m’s pregnancy and recovery it is time again and I can hardly wait.

Did you also have a nice week? What were your highlights?

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