What Are The Costs Of A Baby Outfit With Tips

What are the costs of a baby outfit? With tips

Baby’s we all know, cost quite a lot of money. And after baby time this does not stop. How much money you spend on a baby kit, that you can decide for yourself.

Mothers.Now has listed all the options for baby outfits.

Research Cost Baby Outfits

An average baby kit costs about €1,227* and this is still excluding a stroller and full nursery. A pregnant woman can – whether or not due to all the hormones – get quite stressed about everything she has to arrange and buy for the debut of her child. The baby kit lists seem to be even longer in some stores than in others, and the costs quickly skyrocket as a result.

Mothers.Now did research in which they compared what the items on the basic baby outfits list cost at different (online) stores.

Bol.com came out as the cheapest in the survey. If an expectant mother bought the items on the baby outfits list at Bol she would spend *€887 there. At the most expensive store in the survey she would spend almost *€1000,- more.

Cost based on items sold by all the stores listed.

Not all items (o.a. stroller) are included in this comparison.

Costs of trousers at different stores

Mothers.now, in cooperation with some midwives, made a checklist with the things you really need the first weeks after giving birth. Sharon Nehoray, mother of 3, put the items from this basic baby outfits list into the virtual shopping cart of 5 major stores:

– De Kindercompagnie (online & store)

– Babypark (online & store)

– Baby-Dump (online & store)

– Prénatal (online & store)

Here she took the cheapest option of all items. If there were items that not all stores had in their assortment, in order to make as fair a comparison as possible, she did not include them in the survey.

baby upset

Price not the only concern

For many expectant mothers, buying their trousseau is not just about the price. Especially mothers expecting their first child need advice when buying for example a baby carriage, baby carrier or breast pump. The stores offer different levels of service in this.

Sharon also examined the service level of the different stores.

Globe.com (€877,-)

Globe.com is the cheapest but there you can also expect the least advice. At Bol you do not buy all items directly but through an external provider. You have to take into account different conditions regarding delivery and service.

Globe.com has no physical stores so personal advice is not possible.

De Kindercompagnie (€1845,-)

The most expensive store is the Kindercompagnie. This is because this store has mostly the high-end items in its assortment. These are often the famous brands and items of the highest quality.

De Kindercompagnie has, besides an extensive webshop, also a big beautiful physical store where they are happy to help you and give real expert advice when buying your baby outfits.

The delivery conditions and service at Kindercompagnie are excellent.

Prénatal (€1153,-)

Prénatal also has several physical stores throughout the Netherlands where you can go and check out the items first. In terms of price Prénatal is doing reasonably well. They are in many areas not the most expensive but not the cheapest either.

The delivery and return conditions at Prénatal are excellent.

Prénatal also has its own outfit list, which includes many items that are very nice but that you do not necessarily need for your little one. Pay attention to this when you go shopping..

Baby-Dump (€1221,-)

Baby-Dump’s webshop is easy and convenient to use. You quickly find what you need and do not easily miss out online. The physical stores of Baby-Dump are large and the assortment is huge. You can really buy everything at once.

You can choose between the budget items and the high-end items at Baby-Dump.

Baby Park (€1039)

Babypark has 9 megastores throughout the Netherlands. The stores we visited looked beautiful, spacious with many models (of children’s rooms, for example) on display.