Have you been spoiled

Have you been spoiled

What a week it was again. Last weekend we unexpectedly booked a midweek at Centerparcs. We left a day later.

The first day we had terrible weather but that did not spoil the fun. Take a look at the things that made me happy? With pictures of our midweek but also some other happy moments.

What made me happy

  • We unexpectedly went to Centerparcs de Eemhof for a week. We booked a last minute and went on the road.
  • We ate in a super funny pasta restaurant. After an earthquake, the upper floor came down so a restaurant was created, so the story goes.
  • We ordered a delicious gourmet dish. Nice and cozy with z’n all eat in the house. Super cozy.

that made me happy

  • Of course we had to swim. All day the little man was in the pool. 600x through the wild water rapids and many slides. Unstoppable men.
  • Our cottage was in the Marina so we had to walk a bit to the pool every day. Cozy about the park and chat in the meantime.
  • 13,5 years ago my husband and I drove here also, but dam separate. We met at the Eemhof then. By now we have been together for over 12.5 years, so it was really nice to be back there again once more.

which made me happy

  • After we were nice back home I went to the Winter Fair in Garderen with my mom. Afterwards we drove to Amersfoort for some shopping.
  • I brought window markers for the little man. My windows look very cozy now. I'm just afraid I'm going to have to start mopping now, bit of a shame.
  • After a week of vacation it was great to go to my horse again. Riding and cuddling.
  • Officially St. Nicholas has gone to Spain but this afternoon we celebrate the wonderful evening with family.

How was your week and your midweek? Have you been spoiled?

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