Week full of quality time

What made me happy 49 a week full of quality time

Yoohoo, it's summer! Last week I was still wondering what happened to summer, this week it has shown itself a few times already. I am so happy.

This yummy week started with lots of quality time with my loves. We enjoyed the sun, sea and sand and here and there tasty snack and drink. Take a look at our week?

A week full of quality time

On Sunday I was surprised by my lovely rider (who helps me with my horse) with an awesome pastel drawing of my horse. I am very happy with them. The drawing captures exactly what my horse looks like and his sweet expression.

Now to find a nice list.

On that same horse I went for a nice ride on Monday. Stomping through the sea together, there are few things that make me happier.

The same day we were at the beach with the family. The children have been searching for shells (read; tasting) and digging holes (read; eating sand). Then we enjoyed a nice dinner in a beach bar.

Quality time again.

What made me happy #49; a week full of quality time

I did a lot of cycling this week. Cycling is not always smooth because of rheumatism but this week it was manageable. Together with the little girl I cycled almost every day.

Madam likes bicycles so much that she's screaming and waving in front.

With my dear friend and her little daughter I went to the zoo again one morning. We have had a subscription to Blijdorp for years and it remains fun for a morning.

Last week I told you that our vegetable garden is going so well. The tomatoes are growing a lot this week. Soon we will have a big tomato harvest.

What made me happy #49; a week full of quality time

Wednesday was also all about quality time. Now together with my little man. While the weather was great outside we sat together and ate popcorn in the cinema. We enjoyed Finding Dory.

Mister thought he was a bit sad but also very nice.

I could not resist. The little lady got her first riding helmet. A beautiful pink cap.

It is adjustable so for now she can grow in it. Now just hope she really has the horse bug too.

Saturday night, unexpectedly, I made a nice pair of shorts for the little one. An hour behind the sewing machine and I was done.

Did you also have time for some quality time?

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