Moments that made me happy

Moments that made me happy

Jeez, what a busy week I had. All nice things but I think I need some time to recover. This time I just had to make choices which pictures I wanted to have in the overview.

You could do worse, right? Take a look at the 10 moments that made me happy?

What made me happy

1.Last Sunday I went to the theater with my little man. Together with his boyfriend and a friend of mine we got to sing along and enjoy Sinterwoezel and Pietje Pip. So nice to see those little guys enjoying and participating.
2. Monday morning we were treated to some lovely sunshine. After all the rain I felt like going for a bike ride. Dogs in the cargo bike and the little guy on the balance bike.

3. Wednesday I went with a dear friend to Kensington in the Ziggodome. We have seen Kensington several times already on various stages but they keep surpassing themselves. Enjoy!

what made me happy

4. We had even more beautiful weather this past week. A nice walk through the woods. Baby in the car.

Madam is just three months but already doesn't find it funny in the crib anymore. So we wrapped up in the seat of the stroller.
5. Friday morning we were anxiously sitting at the laptop to score tickets to Coldplay in June 2016. Bit of a shame that they will be performing in the echo pit (Arena) but we did not want to miss this anyway. And yes! After a long online queue and a lot of excitement we got our tickets!

Fine!6. Friday night the hubby and I finally got to see Kensington again date night. It had been an eternity since we had been out together so this was super.

Dinner together, a walk on the Pier of Scheveningen and a movie afterwards.

what made me happy

7. It was dry again for a morning so I took the whole gang for a ride to my horse. Horse having a nice dredge, toddler racing through the puddles and baby sleeping on the tummy.
8. Saturday afternoon we enjoyed the Zapp Sinterklaas party. How nice that was. The excitement to see if Sinterklaas would really come and then also the performances of all the famous Zapp friends.

We enjoyed!
9. ’In the evening I got to go to the Ziggodome again. This time to listen to Racoon. A nice evening after which I went to bed pretty exhausted.
10. This past week my first contest came online. How nice is that? You all have to join in though!

In short, a busy but great week.

What did you all do? What were your special moments?

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