What to look for when picking out a phone case for kids

What to look for when choosing a phone case for kids

With a phone for the kids also comes a new phone case. The boys were allowed to pick them themselves, but I gave my opinion if it was good and that we didn’t always agree completely, you may understand.

Picking a phone plan

Just the other day I wrote about the boys’ cell phones and that I am thinking about switching from prepaid to subscriptions. The oldest uses his phone more and more. He is in app groups at school and they have to do exercises in class where they can use their phone. He now has a prepaid card. And when he calls his credit goes down very fast.

That’s why we are figuring out if it’s not better to switch to a (small) subscription. The youngest also gets a SIM card for his tenth birthday.

New phone

They both have an old cell phone now, which they use mostly to play games on. At home or occasionally on the road. Due to heavy use, the screen is incredibly dirty and almost impossible to clean.

Also the phone cases are old and much used. Since we had two phones left, we decided they could use these. They are two iPhone 5ES and they are only allowed to use them for making calls and sending and receiving phone calls, but they are not allowed to play games on them.

They use their old phone for that.

Picking out a phone case

A new phone comes with a new phone case. Before the phone could be used, they had to pick it out from me first. We looked for this at cases-outlet.

I have bought phone cases through this site before and know what they have to offer. The advantage here is that they have a lot of choice and you can find cases for all phones. Now I must say that when we were looking for cases we noticed that there are fewer phone cases for children than for adults. Strange that is not.

But there were more nice girls cases than for boys, according to the boys. For example, girls could choose from phone cases with unicornis or princess covers. Well the boys did see very nice cases, really for kids.

For example in the shape of a cactus or pokemon, but I didn’t let them have these, as they only provided protection on the back of the phone. I wanted them to go for a so-called bookcase, as these offer more protection.

What the boys think of their phone cases?

The boys are super excited about the phone cases they picked out. They are exactly like on the site and they are super cool. Finding out took some time, as many pages as there were, but then you have something. The covers are super sturdy and I am very happy with them.

They offer very good protection, the straps on the top can also be removed, but the boys find it easy to have them attached. Two more cards can be carried in the pouch, should they wish to do so.