Why we still keep wearing a watch

Why do we still keep wearing a watch

What time is it? How many times a day we ask ourselves this question? Despite the fact that we all carry a mobile phone with us, a lot of people continue to wear a watch.

Why is this and why do we often wear our watch on the left wrist? Since I can’t live without my watch myself, I went looking for this.

Wearing a watch is not so crazy

Like it or not, you wear a watch. You still see it and watches are still bought a lot. Watch brands move with the times. A Seiko watch or a Tommy Hilfiger watch are the obvious examples of this.

There is so much choice. One watch in the house is too little and actually you should go for more variety. Finally, for both men and women, there is a lot of choice in stylish, sporty and trendy watches.

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But why a watch

We practically all have a cell phone around, so why wear a watch anymore? The biggest advantage of a watch on your wrist is that you don’t have to look at your smartphone all the time. You can leave it in your bag or butt pocket when you want to know what the time is.

Also, you are more social when you wear a watch. After all, it’s a lot easier to have a quick look on your wrist to see what time it is and carry on talking at the same time. If you pick up your phone to check the time, you are often immediately distracted by the messages you see here.

Do I wear my watch left or right

Most people wear their watch on the left wrist. Why is this so? You should wear your timepiece on the non-dominant hand (i.e. the hand with which you do not write). Now of course nothing has to! But most people do stick to it.

Especially since it’s more comfortable if the watch is not in the way when writing. A watch still has its conditions. It should be neither too tight nor too loose, after all, you don’t want to lose it, but also not pinch it on your wrist.

Which watch suits me

‘What time is it?’My children often ask this question, to which I then say; ‘put your watch on.’ I myself am so used to having a watch on, that if I don’t have it, I am constantly looking at my wrist. Whether you want a chic wristwatch, a sporty watch or a trendy watch, at Seiko and Tommy Hilfiger they have plenty of choices. Often people go for a neutral color, silver or gold, because this fits with the rest of the jewelry being worn, but also dare to look beyond, go wild and choose color and variety.