Why we still go to the cinema so much

Why do we go to the cinema in such large numbers?

Since I have children, I often go to the cinema. Not for movies for myself. I haven’t done this for years.

But movies for the boys. I don’t remember going to the cinema that often when I was young. We did go to the children’s theater in the Vondelpark on Wednesday afternoons. And from what I can remember, the first movie I ever saw in the theater was Cinderella.

I was about eleven then. My boys actually go to the movies quite often, I thought to myself the other day as I sat in the movie seats with them again.

Before vs now

Of course nowadays there is no comparison with my youth. After all, back then you had so little children’s television. We only watched Kinderbios on Wednesday afternoons and when I was eleven or twelve Villa Achterwerk started on Sunday mornings.

I don’t think you watched any more television. To the cinema? I remember going to the Meervaart with my sister (we must have been about eight or nine years old at the time) on Sundays. there was a cartoon there. But we never went to the cinema any further.

Going to the cinema is very common

Even going to a movie in the cinema was a long time ago. I think ‘ the eating club’, was the last movie I saw in the cinema. Other than that, I only come here with the boys when they want to see a kids movie.

We go to a movie almost every vacation, but birthday parties have also been celebrated at the cinema in recent years. I’m surprised every time how many children’s movies are running at the same time. The boys see so many advertisements on television of the movies coming or running that they already struggle at home.

Because actually they want to watch all the movies that are playing. I have now set it up so that the boys take turns to choose. For example, over the Christmas vacations we were still at Coco, chosen by the oldest and last time it was the youngest’s choice to go to Early Man.

And then we’re in the cinema, with Fristi and popcorn, and before the movie starts, they’re already being driven crazy with trailers of new movies and I can already see the storm brewing. Because next to me I hear ‘I want to go to that movie too’. By the way, I don’t hate going to the movies at all.

The movies are made with humor and music, so that you as a parent can also enjoy the children’s movie!