What made me happy 44 jersey fabrics the outdoors

What made me happy 44 jersey fabrics & the great outdoors

Last week I received some reactions to my little incident. I had not thought about the title of my article, oops. I was not at all happy about that incident. Trifle.

So this week the title of my article is correct again! I became very happy this week of the outdoors and of the awesome tricot fabrics I made fun things with.

What made me happy 44 jersey fabrics & the outdoors

Cuddling with my animals. That really makes me happy. My cats are not usually like that, they let the kissing come over them but then quickly run away under loud protest.

My little man has decided he wants to be a doctor. I like the idea and wonder how long he will keep it up. So we had to practice. In the photo above I had to play the plaster room.

Mister had in fact ‘broken all the bones in his head’.

Since I did not go very fast with my crippled foot after my accident, my sister came for a day. Playing with the children and riding my handsome horse for me. Super fun to watch.

What made me happy #44; jersey fabrics & the outdoors

Together with the kids I went to my parents for the day. We got on the ferry to buy little man a birthday present.

Yes! In our vegetable garden the first strawberries are turning green. How cute is that, I can't wait until we can pick them.

By the way, the cherry tomatoes and the snack cucumbers are also growing very well and the first sunflowers are already appearing.

We also went to the Campina farm days. My sister works on a dairy farm so she could tell a lot about the farm. Little man found it very interesting.

What made me happy #44; jersey fabrics & the outdoors

I spent a morning behind the sewing machine and made a circle skirt and pants for the little girl from some nice tricot fabrics. Both I had never made before so there is plenty of room for improvement but I am proud of myself.

In the afternoon I immediately scored two new jersey fabrics from Ansje at the Hoek Made Market in Hoek van Holland. The one with the crocodiles is for the little man and of course the pink one is for the little girl.

Afterwards we played on the beach and had a bite to eat. A perfect end to the good weather because today it is bad weather again, unfortunately.

How was your week? Do you also make something with nice knitted fabrics??

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