Where to find cute summer coats

Where to find nice summer coats?

Where to find cute summer coats? I always find buying summer coats difficult. Why? Maybe because I want to last several years. This time I mainly ran into limited choice in the stores.

And especially for the new summer coats for the children.

Too old for this

Years ago I had several denim jackets, but got rid of them at some point. I thought myself too old for this. This is purely my feeling, because I think a denim jacket looks fine on others (also older people). But then I walked into the store and saw an outfit on a mannequin.

A dress with a denim jacket to go with it. Well, we all needed new summer coats, but I never thought I’d end up with a denim jacket again. Still, I tried on the dress and denim jacket and thought;’ I must have those’.

And was so done looking for myself.

Doubting summer coats

So I hesitate quite often about buying summer coats and especially, how long and how often do you use them? In the Netherlands it is often too cold for a summer coat or it is too warm that you don’t need one. Yet I often wear a coat myself.

Especially on the bike it is nice to wear a jacket for a while. With the boys, however, I sometimes think, shall I buy one?? They might as well put on a vest.

Still, it looks neat, a coat. They both needed new summer coats again. The jackets they wore last year were actually too small by then.

Together we looked in the stores when I was in Hoorn for the day, but I could not succeed here. The choice was very limited and few sizes were available. I started looking online and found two nice summer coats from Cars Jeans.

Men coats

Well not only do we need new summer coats the man is also in need of a new coat. He can go to Only coat fashion for a new coat. Find the most beautiful and modern coats here. Whereas I sometimes think I could wear a jacket, the man always wears a summer coat. This is also neat when he goes to work.

Finally, men are also welcome to have a modern and stylish jacket that perfectly matches their clothing style. A classic men’s coat can complete a man’s style.