Why choose Maui Jim sunglasses

Why choose Maui Jim sunglasses

Because of an eye disease, I often wear sunglasses. In sunshine or rain. Whenever there is even a little light in the sky, I put my sunglasses on my nose.

A Maui Jim Sunglasses is the best choice I can make in terms of sunglasses!


Through the Facebook page of the eye disease I have (keratoconus), two sunglasses brands really stood out. RayBan and Maui Jim. I had heard of the first brand before, but Maui Jim was new to me.

Long live the internet, because I started researching and after some surfing around the net I knew all about these glasses and decided to try them on at an eyewear store.

Maui Jim

Maui Jim sunglasses are known worldwide for seductive style, elegance and the best craftsmanship in sunglasses. Maui Jim sunglasses combines function with design and includes a variety of unique models all inspired by the wonderful beach life. It’s no wonder Maui Jim is the first choice for true sports enthusiasts. The sunglasses are made of the highest quality materials, state-of-the-art technologies and stylish designs.

The sunglasses are designed for people who live active lifestyles such as sports, outdoor activities and outdoor recreation.

Expensive but worth it

From the first moment I put a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses on my nose, I saw what they mean by quality. Maui Jim sunglasses all feature patented PolarizedPlus2Lens Technology, known for completely eliminating glare from light and allowing only powerful colors to pass through. This technology gives a clearer and clearer view of the world around you.

I can look into the light outside and not feel any pain. I had never experienced this before. The glasses are expensive.

Very expensive. €200 is a very normal price for this brand. So I had to think twice.

Why these sunglasses

Still the painless looking, not having to squint my eyes anymore and better reading of signs in traffic was the deciding factor. I have had this seat for several years now, wear it daily and it still looks great. Well of course I am also very careful with them.

I really make sure I don’t leave it lying around anywhere or sitting on it, but clearly, I don’t want anything but Maui Jim anymore.