What to wear no dress to a wedding

What to wear; no dress to a wedding

Soon we will have a wedding of friends. Very cute of course but what to wear. Usually women go for a dress, but for once I didn't want to wear a dress to a wedding. So I went looking for cute outfits with tops and blazers.

I can tell you can look super stylish then too.

A wedding without a dress code

A few times we have experienced a wedding with a certain dress code. From gala to festive, from emphasis on one color to white. We've seen some.

Of course one thing is clear at a wedding, it is a big party and a special day so you do not show up in your everyday attire. So whether it's dungarees, sweatpants or sweatdresses, you don't put that on. And no, not even when the invitation doesn't mention a dress code.

But what do you wear if you don't want to wear a dress to a wedding??

No dress to a wedding

I love dresses, don't get me wrong but this time I wanted to wear something different. Something festive, stylish and secretly comfortable. A dress with a pair of tights was not really my cup of tea in the middle of winter either.

Since we change locations on foot during the big day, I could already see myself arriving at the next location with frozen knees.

Luckily I was allowed to shop an outfit at Sans-online. A fine webshop with a wide range of women's and men's clothing. I could probably find inspiration for a wedding there.


As I mentioned before I went looking for a suitable outfit consisting of a top, a blazer and some pants. A nice pair of pants is just a bit more comfortable than tights and also a bit warmer. With a good pump underneath it also looks super chic and, nice touch, your legs look longer.

Blazer (Esprit), Top (Vero Moda), Pants (Esprit)

What I really like about this outfit is that you can also wear all the items separately. This is how to keep your beautiful clothes from getting dusty after the wedding.

Want a bit more color in your outfit?? Then opt for a nice powder-colored top with, possibly, a chic blazer over it. Also style this one with slacks and pumps or of course with a nice skirt, if you still go for the tights.

What to wear; no dress for a wedding

Top (Vero Moda), Blazer (Garcia), Top (Videca)

What would you wear if you don't want to wear a dress to a wedding?


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