Why an electric bike can be a good idea and three cycling routes in Utrecht and surroundings

Why an electric bike can be a good idea and three cycling routes in Utrecht and surroundings

Fair! An electric bike was always a no-go for me, but since my knee problems I’m thinking more and more about it. After all, I want to cycle the beautiful routes the Netherlands has to offer for as long as possible.

A mother bike

When we got married both of our parents gave us a new bike. We came from Amsterdam and rode around on our old bikes. In the village where we live now, cycling is great, so this was an ideal wedding gift for us.

I got a mother bike. The boys are no longer on the back, so the seats are gone, but it stays. I really like these and the low step trough and stability make them great for doing my shopping.

Together with the boys on the bike

Now that the boys are getting older they both have good bikes. With this we can easily go for a ride in the area on weekends. It keeps getting better and I really notice that they are getting stronger so they can cycle further and longer and the fun is not over after fifteen minutes.

Switching to an electric bike

I always said I would never buy an electric bike, but I am coming back from this more and more often. Because of knee problems I can only cycle on a very light gear. I have had pain for years, but this pain is now more and more often present after cycling, which is why I certainly don’t rule out the possibility of buying an electric bike one day. After all I still find it a wonderful activity.

And you get somewhere. I saw on the site of 12GO Biking that there is more and more choice in electric bicycles and I think it would not be a bad idea for me to just take a look and decide what I want and what the possibilities are.

Beautiful routes around Utrecht

We ourselves live in the Utrecht area and when we go cycling it’s around here. I searched for three beautiful route around here and found the following scenic routes:

To Utrecht from the Loosdrechtseplassen

During this cycle route you will see beautiful views of the Loosdrecht lakes, idyllic villages, magnificent castles and the lively city center of Utrecht. The starting point of this bicycle route is Restaurant In de Watertuin in Loosdrecht. From there the journey starts practically ón the water. You cross the Loosdrechtse Plassen and then you go along the estates on the Vecht, via the idyllic Oud-Zuilen to bustling Utrecht.

Then you cycle past Fort Blauwkapel via Maartensdijk back to Loosdrecht. You can download the route here

A Burgundian bike ride

A bike route after my own heart, because this bike route is full of burgundian country life. The route takes you past orchards, water, polders and medieval towns in the Green Heart. Along the way there is plenty to discover and taste.

So you can make a stop at a cheese farmer, fruit grower, miller, field or Farm shop. This route is provided by Struinen en Vorsen. You can find the route here

The Haarzuilens route

When we got married eleven years ago it was in Haarzuilens and took our wedding photo’s at De Haar castle in Haarzuilens. A place we like to visit and therefore this is the first route we would like to cycle ourselves. The Haarzuilens route is a bike ride through peat meadow areas with elongated lots, open meadows, reed beds and planted quays and dikes. Also highly recommended is a visit to De Haar Castle.

The Haarzuilens route can be found here.