What you should definitely see when you are in Las Vegas

What to see when you’re in Las Vegas

‘What happens in vegas stays in vegas.’ Las Vegas, the playground for adults. The place where you can wonder, where you can spend money like water, but above all, where you can have fun. And then really not only with gambling in the casino’s. Just walking the $trip and checking out the casino’s is a treat in itself.

Which casinos’s you really need to see and where to go if you want to escape the city for a while?

Viva Las Vegas

You love it or hate it: Las Vegas. I am among that group that loves them. I have been so many times but I continue to find it a fantastic place and I discover new things every time. Las Vegas!

It’s awfully hot, it’s incredibly crowded, but i love it!

Gambling at one of the casino’s in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is incredible. It is the city where you can gamble everywhere and have fun day and night. Las Vegas consists of an old and a new part.

The new section is often best known to visitors. Here is the $trip.

The $trip

The Las Vegas Strip (the Strip for short) is a 6.8-mile stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard along which many famous casinos’s and hotels are located. Fifteen of the twenty-five largest hotels in the world on the strip are here. The Strip lies between Mandalay Bay casino in the south to the now-closed Sahara Las Vegas casino in the north. With the many expansions, the border of the Strip has moved further and further south.

On the north side the border has remained in the same place all this time because there has been less expansion here.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

The famous ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign is located on the median of Las Vegas Boulevard South. The sign is located about’5 miles outside the borders of the city of Las Vegas, in the town of Paradise. Strictly speaking, the Strip is in the city of Paradise and not in Las Vegas.

Fun fact for Trivia!

I want to go to the casino’s

We stayed with the RV at Casino Circus Circus, this is an RV park next to the casino. I have seen this campground get older and smaller over the years and am not sure if it still exists along already. That would be a shame, because it is a great place for a few days Las Vegas. From Circus Circus you can walk straight onto the Strip to the casino’s. The first casino you pass after Circus Circus is Treasure Island.

You walk via (rolling) stairs and bridges across the road right into the casino. When we were here in 20111 there was still a wonderful show at TI with pirates and boats. This show stopped 10 years ago, but the ships can still be admired.

Then walk past The Mirage and Caesars Palace. Caesars Palace is a beautiful casino, even inside. Be sure to take a look here.

It is also wonderful if you do not like gambling at all.

Definitely visit: The botanical garden at the Bellagio

Then walk on to the Belaggio and take a look inside as well. You have a botanical garden here. The exhibition in 2022 was “Jungle of Dreams”. In tribute to the animal kingdom with 28 animal sculptures and nearly 10.000 plants and flowers.

In the background you can hear birds singing, crickets chirping, the wind softly blowing and a lion roaring. A new theme will probably be built in 2023.

Jungle of Dreams

Outside the Bellagio you have the fountains that at certain times give away a show with water and music.

The Fountains of Bellagio

Travelling through Europe

Across the street from the Bellagio you have Casino Ventian and Paris. At the Venetian you literally have the idea of being in Italy, the gondolas, the music, so beautiful and then Paris. Go in here and not just to gamble, but see the casino inside, this is so beautiful!

You literally imagine yourself in Paris.

The Venetian (The Venetian Las Vegas) Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

After Europe, you can continue on to Casino New York New York. Also here you literally walk through the famous streets of New York.

Casino and hotel new york New york

At the end of the Strip you can go to Excalibur Hotel and Casino, Luxor and at the very end Mandalay Bay. But by then your feet are gone!

Excalibur Hotel

If you want to get away from Las Vegas

You can assume that if you go to Las Vegas, that it is hot, where you encounter hot more often than warm. In high season there is little to do during the day other than lie by the pool. Want to see something of the area then this is certainly possible. There is plenty to see and do in the Las Vegas area:

  • Hoover dam
  • Red Rock Canyon
  • Valley of Fire
  • Grand canyon

Here you can find more information about a roundtrip West Coast USA

Are there swimming pools at the casino’s

Practically every casino has a pool, these are often large and impressive. You can stay at one of the many casinos’and then use the pools for free, but you can also go here and spend the day here at an entrance fee. If you park your camper at RV park Circus Circus then you may – if the pool at the campground is closed – use the pools and slides at Casino Circus Circus for free.

What else to visit besides the Strip

Nice to visit when you are in Las Vega is the old part of Las Vegas. This is on Fremont Street. This is where the city actually began.

There are casino’s, street performers and souvenir shops. You see from the casinos’s that this ‘s the old part’ and that gives just that extra charm.

I do not like gambling is this something for me

Las Vegas is top if you love gambling, but even if you have nothing at all to do with it, this is a city to visit. The casino’s inside and out, the atmosphere, the friendliness and the shows you can visit are really worth a visit to Las Vegas. If you are going, check in advance if there might be music performances you would like to see and book your tickets online.