What made me happy 45 first time to school and the Apenheul

What made me happy 45 first time to school and the Apenheul

Jeez, madness. A week with firsts, lots of crafts and nice days. And then the busiest week of the year is yet to come. As long as that goes well.

Fortunately, the busyness was mostly caused by fun things like the first time to school, cool sewing projects and A nice day at the Apenheul. Take a look at the things that made me happy?

What made me happy 45 first time to school and the Apenheul

The week started with a tough drive, caused by the biggest morning rush hour of all time. I went with the kids to the Apenheul. Super nice but a long drive. The weather was pretty bad and it showed on the highway.

The whole of Holland was on the road. At the Apenheul we had a great day though. It was nice and quiet so we could spot lots of animals without being disturbed.

Of course I went for a selfie with my favorite animal in the Apenheul; the ring tailed lemur.

The kids had a great day too. My sister came along so the little man's day could not go wrong anyway. A friend of my sister's was also quite popular with the kids so that made the day Apenheul only more enjoyable.

While my little man was at school for the first time I scored a tent at Kruidvat with balls in it. The kids had the greatest fun together. ’At night the cats had fun with it, as I found the balls all over the house the next day.

What made me happy #45; first time to school and the Apenheul

After months of pain due to rheumatism, I was finally able to ride my beautiful horse a few times last week. I kept on driving but the pain made it very unpleasant. Tuesday and Wednesday the rheumatism was a bit calmer so I could finally enjoy myself again.

On Wednesdays my little friend always plays at grandma's for a day. When I went to pick him up again he gave me a beautiful drawing with a flower on it. I love it.

Lego Duplo also made me very happy with a great gift this week. We received a very cool package that you can read more about soon.

What made me happy #45; first time to school and the Apenheul

Last week you could already read that I had been sitting behind the sewing machine and bought some great fabrics. This week I made this shorts from them. I am so happy.

A pair of knee socks and the little girl is ready to go.

Sunday the husband went blokarting with his father and sister for the first time. I went to the beach with the kids. The wind did not make it easy for them but all the more entertaining to watch.

Little girl was in the baby carrier on my belly and little man was rolling in the sand. That was a lovely afternoon.

We ended the afternoon with a nice dinner at the beach club. Then I find it so nice that we live close to the sea. Great ending to a great week.

What made you really happy this week? Do you ever think about that? 

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