Why the why phase

Why the why phase?

‘Ohw, why then?’. That’s the very latest addition to our toddler’s vocabulary. Not just once a day, but this question repeats itself regularly.

Preferably three hundred in a row too.

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Why choose pleated blinds for windows

Why choose pleated blinds for the windows

What do you have in front of windows hang? Curtains, blinds, maybe nothing at all or maybe you just want something completely different. There are plenty of reasons to choose pleated window blinds. Wonder which ones they are?

In this article I put everything together!

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Why L’Oréal clay masks are highly recommended

Why the clay masks of L’Oréal are highly recommended

Recently I commented on a blog article about facial masks. I noticed that there are so many reviews online about this these days. Since I really never use these, I was made curious by all these reviews.

Then came the question if I wanted to try a Mini-kit of L’Oréal clay masks. Of course, because now and then I also want to be able to talk about (clay) masks.

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Why you should have a case on your smartphone

Why you should have a case for your smartphone

Do you have a case for your smartphone? After all, it is an expensive and precious possession that must be well protected. There is so much choice in model and color.

Are you someone who really can not do without a case and what do you choose?

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What you should definitely see when you are in Las Vegas

What to see when you’re in Las Vegas

‘What happens in vegas stays in vegas.’ Las Vegas, the playground for adults. The place where you can wonder, where you can spend money like water, but above all, where you can have fun. And then really not only with gambling in the casino’s. Just walking the $trip and checking out the casino’s is a treat in itself.

Which casinos’s you really need to see and where to go if you want to escape the city for a while?

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What to wear no dress to a wedding

What to wear; no dress to a wedding

Soon we will have a wedding of friends. Very cute of course but what to wear. Usually women go for a dress, but for once I didn't want to wear a dress to a wedding. So I went looking for cute outfits with tops and blazers.

I can tell you can look super stylish then too.

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Why choose Maui Jim sunglasses

Why choose Maui Jim sunglasses

Because of an eye disease, I often wear sunglasses. In sunshine or rain. Whenever there is even a little light in the sky, I put my sunglasses on my nose.

A Maui Jim Sunglasses is the best choice I can make in terms of sunglasses!

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What made me happy 34

What made me happy 34

Those of you who follow Bblogt on Instagram may already have noticed that I had a nice week at Bblogt. Besides all the fun things, I've also been lousy with my new medication. This did not spoil the fun because we could really enjoy the sunshine. That always makes me happy. You too?

Take a look at an overview of the things that made me happy?

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