Where to rent a catamaran or yacht within Europe

Where to rent a catamaran or yacht within Europe

Did you know that it is very easy to rent a luxury boat in a heavenly place? Can you imagine a vacation where the bubbles are always cold, dolphins greet you daily in the clear, deep blue sea and you visit the most beautiful places in a yacht, sailboat or catamaran?? You can rent a yacht if you want to sail yourself but you can also rent a boat without a license.

It costs a bit, but then you have luxury in paradise! How and where here.

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What made me happy 50 water fun

What made me happy 50 water fun

Because of the summer vacations, it is sometimes a little hard to find time to enjoy blogging. The last ‘What made me happy’ has been a while ago now. Fortunately, today I can share with you another nice weekly summary in which one theme did take center stage; water fun. In all sorts of shapes and ways.

Take a look at our week?

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Where to find cute summer coats

Where to find nice summer coats?

Where to find cute summer coats? I always find buying summer coats difficult. Why? Maybe because I want to last several years. This time I mainly ran into limited choice in the stores.

And especially for the new summer coats for the children.

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Value of stay-at-home mom

Value of the stay-at-home mom

I have been a full-time mom for over three years. I have chosen to be home for my children and do so with love and joy. I am regularly asked if I am not bored being a stay-at-home mom.

I always find this a bit of a derogatory comment. Like being a stay-at-home mom sitting on the couch with a cup of tea all day watching teleshopping. It would be nice if there would be a little more appreciation for stay-at-home moms among us.

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What made me happy 44 jersey fabrics the outdoors

What made me happy 44 jersey fabrics & the great outdoors

Last week I received some reactions to my little incident. I had not thought about the title of my article, oops. I was not at all happy about that incident. Trifle.

So this week the title of my article is correct again! I became very happy this week of the outdoors and of the awesome tricot fabrics I made fun things with.

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Why we still go to the cinema so much

Why do we go to the cinema in such large numbers?

Since I have children, I often go to the cinema. Not for movies for myself. I haven’t done this for years.

But movies for the boys. I don’t remember going to the cinema that often when I was young. We did go to the children’s theater in the Vondelpark on Wednesday afternoons. And from what I can remember, the first movie I ever saw in the theater was Cinderella.

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What made me happy 42 Outdoor play and Grimm’s rainbow

What made me happy 42 Playing outside and Grimm’s rainbow

Gee, what a wonderful last week of vacation we had. Like the rest of the Netherlands, we also got to enjoy the sun and summer temperatures. We made grateful use of this by playing outside a lot. I finally bought I bought my number one on my wishlist; the Grimm’s rainbow and I finished a nice project.

Take a look at the things that made me happy this week?

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Why we still keep wearing a watch

Why do we still keep wearing a watch

What time is it? How many times a day we ask ourselves this question? Despite the fact that we all carry a mobile phone with us, a lot of people continue to wear a watch.

Why is this and why do we often wear our watch on the left wrist? Since I can’t live without my watch myself, I went looking for this.

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Webshop of the week Kids Boetiek

Webshop of the week Kids Boetiek

Every now and then it tickles me. I really have to stop myself from going crazy. I would love to buy all the items in one webshop and turn the kids rooms upside down.

If you take a look at this week's webshop, you will want to too! Kids Boutique in fact sells such cool items for the nursery. You would spontaneously change the whole interior every month because of it.

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